Solar panels.

Solar panels can be a really good investment if you use your vehicle off grid for sustained periods.

Most people chose to put thier panels on the roof because they are permanent and out of the way, which is fine but remember that in the winter the sun is lower in the sky making the panels less effective.

If you decide to put them on the roof, measure your available space and get as big a panel as you can fit. 
If you don't have room for one large panel, you can fit multiple panels, but remember that they must all be the same wattage.

Next comes the regulator. You can get single battery or dual battery regulators, dual regulators allow you to charge your engine battery as well as your leisure battery.
The first thing to take into consideration is the size of the panel or panels. The regulator must be capable of coping with the amount of amps being put through it.
There are then two types of regulator.
PWM pulse width modulation and MPPT maximum power point tracking.

If you have just one 100 watt panel there is little point in using an MPPT regulator as you won't get any discernable benefit from it, so go with the PWM.
The PWM can be used for a larger system but limited to 20 Amps.

For a larger system you should go for the MPPT regulator as they are available in much higher Amp ratings and make the system more efficient.

The fitted price for a solar system is very much dependant on what you want and what you can have.

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