Alde heating system.

The heating system is a sealed system and must have no air locks in it.
The air gets into the system in a number of ways.
You could have a pin hole in a pipe caused by corrosion.
The automatic vent valve at the boiler could be faulty.
Someone has opened a bleed valve by mistake whilst the pump is running.
The reservoir has been allowed to go empty.
If you have a pump in the reservoir you can usually tell that you have air in the system because the pump will clatter when it is running.

If air has gotten into the system you have to get it out.
It is possible to move the vehicle around on a hill and open a high point bleed valve and remove the air that way and some systems are fitted with pumps which can be speeded up to remove airlocks however if this is not successful you will need to have the system pumped around (purged) to remove the air lock. Plus repair any faulty parts.

Replacing the antifreeze to the alde sytem.
It is recommended that the fluid in the system is changed between 3-5 years after the system is fitted and then every 5 years after that.

The most frequently asked question is why. 
The antifreeze/coolant does more than stop the liquid from freezing, it keeps the inside of the pipes sterile so that no nasty bacteria can grow and, prevents oxidisation and lubricates the pump.
This is important because although most of the system is aluminium manufacturers often like to use a steel radiator which you dont want to go rusty on the inside.
The antifreeze mixture also gives better heat transferance.

Worst case scenario if you dont use the antifreeze mix is that the combustion chamber gets a hole in it and floods the burner, causing lots of white smoke from the flue. What does this mean ? A new heater!

This goes for all Alde heaters, right up to the latest 3020 model.

Complete coolant removal and refilling of the system.
 including antifreeze and call out.
This is for a standard system, if you have underfloor heating you will need to contact Alde.

Of course other things can go wrong with these systems but if they do please just give me a call 07528784180

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