Welcome to my repairs page.

am Factory trained on. 
Dometic. Plus the American Dometic fridges, 
A&E awnings, 
Atwood and Suburban heaters and boilers. 
Also on Triple 'E' Canadian Trailers and Motorhomes.

If you have problems with any of the above please give me a call.

Alde wet central heating systems occasionally need maintenance.
Air locks in the system being the most common. 
To remove air locks it is necessary to purge the system. 
From 60.

The reasons that air got into the system can be more difficult to diagnose.
Please see the Alde page.

Water Ingress.

Remove and reseal Standard roof vents. 55.

Remove and reseal Windows 75.

Remove and reseal Large roof vents, (Heki, Remis) 75.

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