Welcome to my repairs page.

am Factory trained on. 
Dometic. Plus the American Dometic fridges, 
A&E awnings, 
Atwood and Suburban heaters and boilers. 
Also on Triple 'E' Canadian Trailers and Motorhomes.

If you have problems with any of the above please give me a call.

Alde wet central heating systems occasionally need maintenance.
Air locks in the system being the most common. 
To remove air locks it is necessary to purge the system. 
From £50.

The reasons that air got into the system can be more difficult to diagnose.
Please see the Alde page.

Water Ingress.

Remove and reseal Standard roof vents. £50.

Remove and reseal Windows £70.

Remove and reseal Large roof vents, (Heki, Remis) £70.

Phone : 07528784180 or 01159611332  Email info@motorhometech.co.uk. 

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