The range of Accessories for Motorhomes is huge, way too big for me to put them all here. I have shown the most popular below, but if you don't see what you need there, please give me a call 07528784180 or email

Rear View Cameras.

Parksafe single lens 410.  Fully fitted. inc VAT

Parksafe twin lens 515. Fully fitted inc VAT


3.0 m Fiamma F45 s. 670. fully fitted inc VAT

3.5 m Fiamma F45 s. 710.  Fully fitted inc VAT

4.0 m Fiamma F45 s. 760.  Fully fitted inc VAT

Other sizes are available, please phone or email for price and availability.

Air Conditioning.

2.2Kw 1765  Truma Aventa Comfort Heat pump

1.7 kw  1635  Truma Aventa compact

2.2 kw  2405  Dometic Freshlight 2200 Heat pump

2.2 kw  1835  Dometic Freshjet 2200


The new Dometic Freshlight. which retains light and ventilation as well as
being an air conditioner.
This air conditioner also uses heat pump technology, meaning that the air conditioner can work backwards taking heat from the outside air and putting it inside the vehicle, in fact you get more heat than air conditioning.

All prices are fully fitted and include VAT

All the above are 240v air conditioners but they are also available in 12v.

These are just some of the sizes available, please phone or email for price and availability.

Bike racks.

Fiamma Pro E bike.  476. Fully Fitted. inc VAT

Fiamma Pro two bike rack. 205. Fully fitted. inc VAT

Fiamma Lifter two bike rack. 605. Fully fitted. inc VAT

There are many different types of bike rack to suit your vehicle and needs, please phone or email for price and availability.

Solar Panels.

100 W with dual regulator 370

130 W with dual regulator 405

Both fully fitted inc VAT
These are just examples, there loads of options and different sizes.

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