Satellite Systems.

I supply and fit a range of Satellite systems which I hope will satisfy every need and pocket.

Which system do I need?
The first question you need to ask yourself is where do I want my satellite system to work.

The satellite that we use in this country for Sky and satellite Freeview is Astra 2.

The larger your dish, the further south you can go and still get a signal.

That said you will always pick up a signal from other satellites but you will not get the channels that you are used to. Many of them will not be in English, but you should always pick up BBC World and CNN, you will often find that films are shown in English with foreign subtitles. 
Other satellites that you can pick up are Hotbird and Astra1 but there are many more.

So if you are staying only in the UK, then any of the systems I offer will be good for you.

The second question you need to ask is when do I want to use my satellite system.

Traditional satellite dishes, where you can see the dish are prone to problems with wind and rain.
The larger the dish the greater the chance that you will have to put it down in high winds.
Heavy rain will also affect the signal.
Dome satellite dishes are not affected by wind or rain and are very fast to pick up a signal, but of course they do have a smaller dish inside them so cannot pick up Astra2 so far south.
However there are versions of the dome style available (in motion) which will operate while you are on the move.

The third question you need to ask is what do I want to use my system for.

All of the systems in the list will pick up satellite TV but it is also possible to use a dish for satellite internet connection.
The last dish on the list is specially designed with two different LNB's to enable you to get internet access, as well as TV.
It seems an expensive option when you look at the price of using mobile phone technology attached to a lap top, however if you plan to use the internet on the Continent where signals are not always available for mobile phones and you are never sure what you are going to pay for your connection, Satellite internet can become a cheaper and more reliable option.

The fourth Question is How much do I want to pay.

The cheapest dishes are ones where you have to manually wind up into position and then revolve to find the signal.
In my experience the first few times you attempt this, it can be a little frustrating. However once you are used to doing it they are quite easy and the signal you get is just as good as the more expensive versions.
The dome systems are next on the list, and they are all self seeking which means that all you do is press a button and the system finds the satellite for you.
The standard self seeking dishes are next, still self seeking but with a larger dish giving you greater range.
The most expensive are the in motion domes systems, the internet access dish and the smoother/ faster dishes.

As with all satellite dishes you will need a reciever, you can use your Sky box or buy a free to air reciever. 

All the prices shown are the price you pay and include fitting.

maxview_new_dishThe new Maxview crank up dish. 

The latest crank up dish from maxview, it works in much the same way as the old style dish but has a much better internal elevation and directional control . It is available in an 85cm or 65cm size and has a dual LNB output. It does however take up a little more space on the roof.

Camos flat sat.  £562
Flat style dish which looks directly at the satellite. Manually elevated and rotated from inside your vehicle. Takes up less space on the roof than traditional dishes.

Camos flat sat plus. 
The same as the Flat sat but it is skewable, meaning it has a greater range east to west.
2 Year guarantee.

Satellite finder £15. If you need one.

Mobilsat.....I sat.  £800 fully fitted with your own reciever or I can supply one.

 I fitted  one of these recently and was very impressed.
 It searched quickly and smoothly,  but most impressive was that it was fitted to a panel van with very little room to spare between roof vents and solar panels. It's space required is so small and at less than 200mm high you can have on on just about any van. When closed it looks like a submarine hatch.

Camos static dome 30cm.  £1300
Dome enclosed 30 cm self seeking dish. 2 Year guarantee.
Camos static dome 40cm.  £1300
Dome enclosed 40cm self seeking dish. 2 Year guarantee.
Maxview static dome.  £1300
Similar to the 40cm Camos dome but comes with a built in Freeview receiver and is the lowest dome at only 13" high. 2Year guarantee.

As above with twin LNB.  £1350

For any further information or to purchase any of the above systems please phone 07528784180 or 01159611332. email


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